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A house of God
and His people

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In-person worship is back

We have resumed our in-person worship. If you are unable to attend, you can join us on YouTube live.

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Our mission

Our mission

Our mission

Our mission

We truly believe that in our Saviour and his gracious love we can find unity and strength even with people who look different, dress differently, speak differently or look at life differently than we do.

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About us

We are

A multi-cultural community of people from all walks of life who love Jesus and passionately follow the good news of the Bible.

We have

A message of God's love that is deep enough for a lifetime of learning and simple enough for the person who is opening a Bible for the first time.

We offer

Friendships and the message of Jesus’ love in a variety of classes, gatherings and service--all across bridging cultural divides.


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Jesus' words show us how blessed we are