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In the summer of 2019, Pastor Qiang and Susan moved to Coquitlam to begin work starting a mission to Chinese families in Coquitlam Centre. They are working to connect with families to start a new church campus under the name “Abiding Love” (恒爱华人教会) Before COVID they were gathering with people to study the Bible multiple times per week, build relationships, enjoying cultural outings, and good food.

Very shortly after beginning this work full-time in 2020, well you know what happened next! Now since COVID began the connections have switched to teaching and gathering on Zoom, and looking forward to the day when everyone can gather in person.

If you speak Mandarin and are interested in ESL classes, studying the Bible, or meeting other Chinese people exploring Christianity reach out to Pastor Qiang.

You can learn more about Abiding love on their website: http://abidinglovechinesechurch.com/